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Removing the trash and waste from homeless camps is often an overwhelming task for government entities and businesses in Oregon. Whether you are faced with a large-scale homeless encampment on several acres, or a small single camp behind a building or in a trash enclosure, EBC Services presents the solution with one-time or monthly service options for homeless camp clean-up in Oregon.

While EBC Services is hired by cities, counties, businesses, and private property owners for Oregon homeless camp abatement, it is important to realize the very real human element about what we do. Discarding of a person’s only possessions is no easy task. We make every effort to work with our customers to give notice to all of those whose contents we will be removing. EBC ensures that all legal notices are properly posted and that all items of value are returned to the owners upon request.

While many homeless people may have lost everything due to lifestyle change, addiction, and other factors, they are still human. Many others became homeless because of loss of a job, or being abandoned by parents, spouses, or other loved ones. EBC Services will completely and effectively clean homeless encampments as part of our homeless camp clean-up in Oregon, but we always remember the human element in our Oregon homeless camp abatement services.

Homeless encampment clean-up
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