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The New Roof Phenomenon: How a New Roof Can Slash Your Energy Bills!

Energy Efficiency with a new roof

As someone who's been tinkering with roofs, windows, doors, and insulation for the better part of two decades right here in our beloved state, I've got some gems to share. If you're eyeing that roof of yours and wondering about energy savings, you won’t want to miss this.

Overview of Energy Efficiency in Homes Our homes aren't just shelters; they're our haven. And energy efficiency? That’s the secret sauce to a comfortable, affordable haven. While many homeowners invest in efficient appliances, insulation, and fancy gadgets, they often overlook the roof overhead. Trust me, I've been on countless roofs in Oregon, and the difference an efficient one makes is night and day!

You might be thinking, "Hey, it’s just a roof. How much can it really save?" Buckle up, because by the end of what I have to say here, hopefully you'll be calling EBC Services here in Pendleton, Oregon to look at your options for getting a new roof. We do service all of Eastern Oregon by the way.


How does Heat and Cold Affect your Home?

Remember that time you tried to escape the Oregon rain and got inside only to feel chilly? That’s because of the energy transfer. Homes are constantly battling external temperatures, trying to keep our interiors warm and cozy while battling to keep heat and moisture out during those days when the temperature outside seems unbearable.

Your roof is like the lid on your coffee cup. A bad lid, and you're wearing your coffee; a good one, and it’s warm sips for hours. Likewise, a good roof keeps your home temperature stable. Your roof does shoulder most of the blame when it comes to keeping your home warm on those cold days and cool on the hot ones.

Roofing Materials and Their Efficiency:

Each roofing material is like a unique flavor of ice cream, with its pros and cons. While asphalt shingles are common and cost-effective, metal roofs in Oregon can help with rain runoff and have impressive lifespans. The common asphalt roofing shingles that EBC Services installs are designed to last 30 years and come in a variety of colors to match the tone of your home. While metal panel roofing is more expensive, a quality snap lock standing seam metal panel roof is designed to double the lifespan of what an asphalt roof can.

And with the right color, reflective roofs repel sunrays, keeping homes cooler during those surprisingly warm Oregon summers.

The Magic of Proper Roof Insulation:

Insulation is like that warm scarf in winter – it keeps the goodness in and the cold out. A well-insulated roof means less strain on your HVAC and more money in your pocket.

From batt applied insulation, to blown-in cellulose fiber, Oregon homes have choices. Each has its merits, and depending on your home’s structure, one may be more suited than the other. A proper consultation will help you decide which is best for your residence.

Reduced HVAC Loads equals More Savings! Just think, if you could reduce your energy bills by up to 30% by ensuring you have the proper amount of insulation and a new roof…think of how that adds up after a few years.

Ventilation: Letting your home breathe!

Your home needs to breathe, especially during those humid Oregon winters. Proper ventilation ensures fresh air circulation. This is important when it comes to mitigating mold. And when its sweltering outside, a well-ventilated attic will allow that trapped hot air to escape. And when its cold, it will prevent those attic cold air pockets in the winter. It truly is a win-win!

The Lifespan of Efficient Roofs:

An energy-efficient roof is not only kind to your wallet but its built to last. Traditional roofs might come cheap, but the frequent repairs? Not so much.

Over the years, it’s my observation that the initial investment in an energy-efficient roof pays for itself through reduced repair costs and energy savings.

But the ROI of a new roof isn’t just in energy savings. It’s in reduced maintenance, better home value, and yes, those lovely tax credits.

Oregon is generous with tax credits for homeowners going green. Couple that with the savings on your energy bill, and it’s like a year-round Christmas!

Other Perks of an energy efficient roof

An efficient roof is a selling point. Potential buyers love knowing they’re getting a home that’s will be easy on their pocket book for the foreseeable future.

And reducing the carbon footprint isn't just trendy; it's essential. It feels great knowing your home is part of the solution.

And last but not least, Comfort. If done correctly, you get less noise, consistent indoor temperatures, and the satisfaction of a wise choice. Ah, the joys of a new roof!

So remember, your home is like an ecosystem. Roof, windows, doors, insulation – they all interact. An efficient roof, paired with energy-saving accessories creates a home that's a fortress against waste.


As the sun sets on another beautiful Oregon day, I urge you to look up – at your roof. Think of the savings, the comfort, and the minor impact you’d leave behind with a new roof. Let's not just save for our pockets, but for Oregon as well.

Reach out anytime for a roof chat, and let’s make Oregon homes the benchmark for energy efficiency!

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The New Roof Phenomenon How a New Roof Can Slash Your Energy Bills!
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